New Traumacentre for Strasbourg University Hospital

The presentation concerns project management of a new Traumacenter at Hautepierre Hospital, one of the two main sites of Strasbourg University Hospital in France.
Strasbourg University Hospital is an important hospital in France with 12 000 staff.
The building of 40 000 m2 is complementary to the existing Hautepierre hospital of 140 000 m2, one of the 2 main acute sites.
A distinctive feature of Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg is that its technical department which is in charge of technical operation, maintenance, building works, safety, security and estate management has a specific body called CERHUS dedicated to manage important building projects.
This body manages the whole process of construction from preliminary studies to construction receipt through procurement of all services and management of public works contracts. It is certified ISO 9001, quality management.
The process began in 2009 with master planning of the site to find the best location to position the 40 000 m2 Traumacentre and a 30 000 m2 Cancer Centre which was to be built at the same time with a focus on efficient connections with existing hospital.
An architectural competition was launched in 2010. Design process took place in 2012 and 2013 conducted by the CERHUS and involving about 200 future users.
Public tender proceeded from January to June 2014 and construction works ran from July 2014 to June 2018.
Hautepierre Traumacentre is a regrouping of traumatology, orthopaedics, hand surgery and maxillofacial surgery departments and of most of the operating departments of the whole teaching campus of Hautepierrre which means two floors of operating rooms separated by a technical interstitial floor.
Main access floor is dedicated to imagery and outpatients departments
Three upper floors host 6 wards of 30 beds.
Strong commitments to sustainability and humanised environment materialised with the following features :
• Sustainability with compliance with HQE label (similar to BREAM or LEED)
• Energy efficiency with heat and cold recovery of exhausted air with recuperator (exchanger) devices and recovery of greywater heat in sterilization unit, air tightness of the building… linked to comfort of the users
• All patients’ rooms, medical offices and medical rooms use smart building systems with automation of temperature, lighting and shade protections linked to a building management system.
• Natural light indoors
Hautepierre Traumacentre opened in January 2019, within the budget and 6 months late compared to 2010 original schedule.