NSECH – Ambulatory Care – An Offsite Extension From The Whole Team Perspective

Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital (NSECH), is the first NHS hospital purpose-designed to care for emergency cases. It brings together specialists across multiple emergency medicine disciplines and consolidates emergency care across Northumberland into a centre of excellence. The hospital was launched in 2015, and since then the success of the building and the Northumbria NHS FT to provide emergency care through this new facility at Cramlington has resulted in improved patient choice, greater flexibility in the admission of patients and an increased number of presentations and admissions on a daily basis. This has resulted in the service provision outgrowing the available space within the facility. New patient pathways such as Ambulatory Care and clinical extension requirements alongside year round clinical NHS pressures resulted in the Trust requiring additional space for increased clinical requirements.

The challenge was to design, develop, construct and operate a new facility to accommodate Ambulatory Care and additional clinical accommodation within a financial year. The new facility must:

  • Be operational within a financial reporting period
  • Provide 6,600m2 of clinical space
  • Overcome significant engineering challenges
  • Be exemplar in design, due to the existing hospital design
  • Be compliant with HTM / HBN
  • Ensure patient experience is not impacted for the duration of the delivery of the project

This presentation will outline the challenges and benefits of delivery of a new facility via the NHS SBS Modular framework, outlining the engineering challenges, the design challenges and the opportunities that arose as part of the design process, the offsite construction process and the implementation phases measuring the reduction in programme for delivery of a project of this size and scale and the impact to patients, how they access NHS services and the benefits that offsite construction can bring to the NHS as a construction methodology into the 21st Century.