P22 EPP Programme Update

Rosemary Jenssen:  The Design Working Group supports the ProCure22 Efficiency and Productivity Programme, delivering a number of Tools to support Healthcare Capital project delivery. This award winning initiative has produced:- 24 Repeatable Rooms; Government Soft Landings Toolkit; Pre and Post Occupancy Evaluation Toolkit; Design Appraisal Toolkit; Virtual Reality Hospital platform, showcasing the Repeatable Rooms; Project End Review Toolkit; Clinical Design Requirements Toolkit.

These Tools have been rolled out and implemented nationally across all current ProCure22 projects. These Tools are enabling the ProCure22 to capture and share learning, across a range of outputs and measures, for the benefit of all future Healthcare Projects.

Sarah Ricketts: The Standard Components Working Group is a dedicated team well supported by all six Principle Supply Chain Partners. We have developed streamlined, leaner, procurement processes to deliver cost efficiencies for an environment in which Clients, contractors and their supply chains develop stronger partnerships to support project development.

Our efficient and comprehensive procedures means we are currently in a healthy, strong place to move forward taking on new categories and challenges to support the demands of the framework. This talk will outline goals and savings achieved, and detail actions for the forthcoming months.