Placed Based Healthcare

The NHS Long Term plan, and recent NHS funding announcements have provided a clear direction to boosting ‘out-of-hospital’ care and strengthening an approach to prevention measures.

To deliver these objectives many locations are focussing upon a placed based system of care to improve the health and care for the populations they serve, focussing on the specific needs of the locality. To support this many locations are undertaking Placed Based Asset reviews across the public estate. But moving forward how will placed based care be delivered and what are the estate solutions that are required?

A key component of this approach is linked to the new five year GP contract, where practices will be provided with extra funding to join ‘a primary care networks’ which will see practices serve 30-50,000 patients based upon their geography. Networks will gradually implement a series of service specifications, which are specifically aimed at addressing strategies set out in the NHS Long Term Plan. How will these networks operate in terms of supporting the delivery of a placed based approach to healthcare, and how will their estate solutions become a facilitator in supporting their approaches. Will GP networks take a strategic approach to estate?

The Greater Manchester Model: Reforming Public Sector Services (published April 2019) is a demonstration of taking the Placed Based Approach of Healthcare to a further dimensions, which includes all Public Sector services. The model of public services delivery will mean organising resources – people and budgets – around neighbourhoods of 30-50,000 residents, rather than around thematic services or policy areas. What lessons can be learnt from this devolved region exemplar?

The presentation will explore the impact of these approaches upon estate solutions in the forthcoming years. The presentation will explore opportunities for funding of projects, governance arrangements, design concepts and how technology can support the successful effective utilisation of appropriate facilities.

The presentation will draw upon exemplar projects from around the UK