Planning Design & Construction of Operating Theatre Ventilation

The presentation will focus on planning new theatres / AHU’s in order that they can be properly maintained for the lifetime of the plant. All too often the ventilation plant is rammed into a plant room with no access to test points, access panels. Pipework which is intended to serve the AHU is incorrectly installed in the way of major components, preventing critical maintenance to be carried out.

How often we hear the clients express their frustration having been told and shown their installations are incorrect. They explain that they have employed experts to design their theatres and ventilation systems.

Well there is an issue here as the expert designers are getting the designs wrong.

We need a new and innovative way of ensuring this sub optimal approach is changed.

Too much time and effort is being spent on getting it wrong.

Designers need to understand
Designers need to get it right
Designers need to remove the blinkers

Healthcare Engineers need to be enlightened Healthcare Engineers need to check Healthcare Engineers deserve good design and installations.

PFI builders need to stop building and installing poor and inadequate ventilation systems.

We all deserve better!!