Revolutionising Emergency Care

This exciting project promises to revolutionise emergency care within the local NHS by delivering ‘one-stop’ emergency care and assessment. Spread across 4 floors the aim is to put patient care at the forefront and minimise the length of stay. This will be achieved by co-locating clinicians from the emergency medicine, medicine and surgery disciplines as well as maximising same-day emergency care to reduce admissions. Currently patients arriving as an emergency can expect to be moved to several different departments across the hospital as their diagnosis is agreed. In this new model, the clinicians will come to the patient. This will reduce patient anxiety as they no longer need to travel across the hospital, obtain a speedier diagnosis leading to quicker treatment and discharge. The design of the building, with its light and airy patient areas and well thought patient pathways will provide a better patient experience and improved environment.
A radiology suite is embedded in the building which will speed up investigation results and therefore treatments for emergency patients. In addition, the Trust is in the forefront for Ambulatory Care to be the default treatment option to avoid as many in-patient admissions as possible and get people back to their own homes as soon as possible. As part of this, the building will provide a 30 space assessment and treatment space dedicated to Ambulatory Care one of the largest in the NHS
The building has an enclosed bereavement suite -encompassing a garden, restroom and body viewing area. Close enough that staff can communicate with relatives to offer support and answer their questions but far enough from clinical areas that they will not be disturbed at a very distressing time.
In conclusion, this is a major step in the redevelopment and modernisation of the whole hospital site.