Simple Yet Often Forgotten About in Space Planning and Equipping a New Medical Facility

Time: 4:35 pm - 4:55 pm

Date: 4.10.22

Based on real life experiences of medical storage not being planned for adequately and when staff move in they are disappointed.
Key learning points:
– Modular storage design vs Conventional storage design, HTM63 vs HTM71
– The common pitfalls in storage design and how to avoid them
– Compliance and how to provide adequate and correct storage to meet current standards and requirements
– Standardisation and Future proofing

The presentation will include slides showing examples of the difference between HTM63 and HTM71:-

HTM71 provides dense storage and better accessibility

Real life case studies and examples

Infection prevention features and points, upgrading clinical rooms to modern, efficient and pleasant places to work in:-

Often new medical facilities open without adequate thought going into the design of storage requirements. We see time and time again, flaws in the design of specialist clinical spaces, and both traditional and new design methods not picking up the requirements and best practice of today’s clinicians working on the front line.


  • Mark Maffey Estates Architect / Senior Project Manager - Solent NHS Trust
  • Kevin Glass Managing Director - Stirling Medical & Scientific Ltd

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