Diverse Leadership for a VUCA World

Our world is increasingly ‘VUCA’ – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.

What made for successful leaders in the Industrial Era (technical expertise, charisma and vision, and a focus on efficiency) simply won’t work as well in the Information Age.  In the VUCA world,  ‘Group think’ will see your  organisation falling ever further behind. Today’s leaders have to be agile, quick, innovative, collaborative, decisive, resilient, empathetic, adaptive and creative.  But they don’t have to be rudderless!  Values, ethics and building strong, respectful  relationships are the lodestars that can guide your organisation though the rampant unpredictability of the VUCA era.

Together,  I want us to explore how  diversity of views, backgrounds, perspectives, and cultures,  genuinely included and valued at all levels of leadership are key organisational strengths in the VUCA world; and  why diversity and inclusion are crucial to your organisation’s success.