The Climate Emergency is a Health Emergency. An Overview of the Central London Community Healthcare Green Plan

Time: 4:15 pm - 4:35 pm

Date: 4.10.22

The NHS hope to be the first health service in the world to achieve zero carbon.

Building a net zero NHS, is allied to post Covid changes and so in all it is an exciting opportunity to change the future for the better.
The Central London Community Healthcare Trust (CLCH) is already on the front foot towards their decarbonisation journey and have developed a Green Plan and Board approved decarbonisation pathway which will be available to showcase in October (at the time of the conference). The presentation will discuss the Green Plan development journey including:

• Net zero carbon affects every aspect of our lives, so it is cross cutting and relevant.
• As a geographically widespread community trust across eleven London boroughs  and Hertfordshire, CLCH used 5900 tons of carbon in 2019, and needs to reach net zero  by 2040. The context is that the energy grid may be zero carbon by 2033-35. New energy standards for new build standards are soon to be released, so that the cost ‘gap’ between a net zero energy, and ‘standard’ construction is reduced.

The CLCH Green Plan outcome is to reduce energy demand, leading to more environmentally sustainably and financially efficient buildings, and reducing the burden on the UK energy grid. At a time when bills are skyrocketing, the action plan is comprehensive and gets the Trust to net zero carbon across several years, including:
• Engaging with staff, installing efficient lighting and controls.
• Reducing fossil fuel consumption in buildings with heat decarbonisation plans.
• Removing unnecessary journeys for patients and staff, introducing electric chargers, bike racks, encouraging the fleet away from fossil fuel.
• Designing ‘Green’ spaces.
• Reviewing the commissioning of suppliers and reduction of carbon in medical gases.
• Identifying opportunities to link to local heat networks and battery storage.
• Working with our Integrated Care System partners to identify collaborative solutions across the sector.



  • Andy Foster Business Development Director - Capita
  • Charles Everard Architect and Client Delivery Director - Capita
  • Tom Wright Director - Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust

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