The Evolution of Output Specification

Time: 3:20 pm - 3:40 pm

Date: 4.10.22

The construction process and project delivery ecosystem is evolving, as factors such as digtisation, whole life carbon cost and agile space emphasise the need for a step away from the conventional supply chain towards an structure that involves key value chain players throughout the whole project life cycle. From early engagement at the design phase, right through to the use, operation and maintenance of a building.

Our ability to retrieve data from our buildings, spaces and infrastructure is developing rapidly. With the right connected technology and software, we can understand and manage buildings in a different way than previously. For example, we have visibility into the condition of hospital assets and infrastructure, and we can apply condition-based maintenance to prevent the failure of critical assets. We can measure the energy used within a building or across an entire estate, and we can use the information we collect to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. We can collect data to understand how spaces are being used, to decide how we may repurpose space to optimise its use.

It is vital that action is taken because of the data we retrieve. We discuss the need for development and adaptation of facilities and operational staff in order benefit from the connected technologies. We conclude with the ideal ‘digital hospital’ scenario, where data streams and system information can be collated in one place, on a single pane of glass.



  • Kieren Beech Senior Estates Manager - North Manchester General Hospital
  • Lisa Keen Key Account Manager Healthcare and Education - Schneider Electric

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