The Relationship Between The Hospital Engineer Manager and Artificial Intelligence

The ongoing digital revolution that is changing the approach to work by intellectual professionals, that is, those who use every day, for their business, work systems organized through algorithms that guide to find solutions, represents the challenge that we must tackle to achieve “an important leap in quality compared to the past”.
A new generation of IT tools able to learn what is happening around themselves and therefore to elaborate solutions by continuously interfacing with the human factor that remains and will be necessary and obligatory interface to continuously improve their performance.
In a simplistic way we could define artificial intelligence as the ability of a technological system to solve problems or perform tasks and activities typical of human mind and skill.


Understanding the “philosophical” theme that concerns everyone and involves the entire organization of society precisely because it relates to its autonomy and freedom of choice in making decisions and in particular in the world of health.


These evidences and applications underline how the true added value of AI in the health field is linked to the facilitation of decision-making, whether clinical or managerial / organizational
The risk is a dictatorship of numbers because the algorithms have by definition already preordained data, without any kind of emotion or feeling.