The Revision of HTM 03-01 Specialised Ventilation for Healthcare Premises

HTM 03-01 was published in 2007. At that time most Healthcare facilities were provided under the PFI system. This meant the client (NHS Trust) just specified to the provider (PFI contractor) what facilities they wanted and their standard of performance. The provider would do the detail design and installation. It was considered that the HTM should only concern itself with “what was different” in Healthcare ventilation. Information about standard elements was available from other sources so the HTM did not need to provide it. Reflecting this approach to procurement, HTM 03-01: Part A just covered basic Design and Validation. It was considered that a competent contractor could ensure that the detail design and installation would provide a suitable facility that met all statutory and regulatory standards and would be fit for purpose. Little consideration was given to how the installed system could be economically operated and maintained during its working life.

Experience over the past 11 years has shown that assuming the provider knows what will be suitable for the client is not always true. It is very evident that the HTM needs to be broader ranging about the client’s needs and more specific when it comes to acceptable design standards and methods of achieving those needs.

A “Scoping Exercise” has been carried out to define the areas of the HTM that need to be updated and the many new elements that need to be included.

N.B. At the time of writing the contract to revise the HTM is being considered by NHSI and by the time of our conference the process should be well underway. The actual presentation will reflect the situation at that time.

Author:- Malcolm Thomas – Lead author of Health Technical Memorandum HTM 03-01: Specialised ventilation for healthcare premises (2007) and the previous version HTM2025: Ventilation in Healthcare Premises (1994).

Author of the “Scoping Document” that set out the parameters for the revision of HTM 03-01 (December 2018)

President of Specialist Ventilation for Healthcare Society (SVHSoc.)
Fellow of the Institution of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (IHEEM).
Member of the Healthcare Infection Society (HIS).
UK representative for CEN WG154: European Healthcare Ventilation Standard.