Training Engineers as Managers Scheme: Developing Skills to Ensure a Successful Future

Time: 3:10 pm - 3:30 pm

Date: 5.10.22

Recognised by the Top Employers Institute as a Top Employer since 2019 for excellence in employee conditions, we are confident in our dedication to providing the very best working environment for our employees through our progressive ‘people-first’ HR practices.

In addition, we are gold accredited Investors in People, driving positive outcomes in the workplace. We are engaged and motivated to retain, train, and develop all our staff, from Apprentices to Senior Managers.

To ensure the personal and professional growth of our staff, we launched the TEAM scheme on our Healthcare sites; Training Employees as Managers. The scheme supports employees, to not only access quality training opportunities but also provides that their learning and development within their role is set out in a well-structured format. The scheme can be adapted to any trade, profession or discipline, with topics relevant to each – e.g for site engineers, it is split across six themes; Health & Safety, Meetings, Compliance, Operations & Management, Project Management and Email Etiquette.

Engineers are given the chance to take on more responsibility, gain an understanding of the wider contract and management experience, supported by, and working closely with the management team in real time. This would typically include auditing jobs, conducting site safety tours, compliance tracking, managing minor works and being coached on how to answer difficult emails from the client.

The aim is to give valuable real-life experience to employees, but also to encourage a collaborative team spirit between management and the workforce. The experience and understanding of the wider contract gained, is then discussed and digested within the wider team, creating a clearer understanding of the operation and the requirement of the workforce.

We must give our employees the space and opportunity to reach their full potential and are thrilled to see so many of them flourishing.


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