Using Data Within BIM for FM Benefits

“… and you can use the data in the BIM model for FM purposes…”

Have you heard this said many times?  Have you wondered how this actually works on live projects?  What happens if you do not have an existing CAFM system? What do you ask for in your EIR (Employer’s Information Requirements) to ensure you obtain useful usable information from your team?

This session will use live model examples to demonstrate how simple it is for clients to specify classification systems (such as SFG20) and how this is easily extracted from BIM models to allow PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) schedules to be driven straight from BIM.

If operators can see what this looks like on a practical level, and see what the process involves, this will make specification of EIRs far more simple and usable on future projects.

This presentation will show clients how to extract usable HTM compliant PPM schedules with their handover set of information, and avoids them having to create their own following a lengthy survey to find out what was actually installed, and how / when their equipment needs to be maintained.

The content presented contains the result of a 6 month trial that ONE conducted as an R&D project with BESA to assist with the development of SFG20 exports using IFC / XBIM. Following the successful completion of this trial, we now have documented workflows (which are used by BESA) which show how and where to input data into models to ensure that the export process is smooth and functional when exported through SFG20.

Once you see how effective this process is, I would challenge anyone not to want to implement this on their next BIM project – the effort put in, is negligible in comparison to the benefits that are output.