Using Innovative Technologies to Make the NHS Estate More Flexible: NHS Open Space

Time: 4:15 pm - 4:35 pm

Date: 4.10.22

Technology and the estate are both vital to delivering the NHS Long-Term Plan, and combining the two with an innovative piece of PropTech will help to answer the changing requirements and usage of NHS buildings. Health and wellbeing services are seeking more flexible access to spaces that are closer to communities, and often have to spend time and resources on finding and securing sessional space across a range of Primary Care Buildings.

In our presentation, NHS Property Services (NHSPS) would like to present our latest innovative solution to help solve this problem. NHS Open Space, developed by NHSPS, brings technology to the NHS estate by offering a digital platform and onsite support for the flexible booking of sessional space. The service supports health and wellbeing providers looking for alternative and flexible ways to deliver services in their community by using pay-as-you-go NHS spaces nationwide. These rooms can be booked by the hour, session, or day and cover both clinical and non-clinical spaces ranging from examination rooms, to offices, to group activity rooms. This programme is a significant step forward in the optimisation of the NHS estate, making much more efficient use of the estate and minimising vacant or underused space. It opens Primary Care buildings up to a wider range of health and wellbeing services, bringing care closer to the heart of local communities so we can reduce pressure on larger hospitals and make life easier for patients.

In this presentation we would like to explore NHS Open Space’s journey, from identifying the role of property data and technology in supporting everchanging requirements for NHS space, to building a nationwide solution to help transform the NHS estate that we hope to further expand throughout 2022.


  • Chris King Principal Strategic Asset Manager - NHSPS

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