Using Travel Plans to Save Operational Costs and Reduce Parking

Time: 14:50 - 15:10

Date: 09/10/2018

On site car parking and staff car usage are significant issues facing NHS Trusts, whose sites often have a higher demand for parking spaces than are available and they often incur significant administration costs for staff using their own cars when travelling on hospital business.

A number of techniques can be used to both reduce costs and also to free-up car parking spaces used by staff to maximise those available for visitors.

Work undertaken for Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust comprised preparing a Trust wide umbrella Travel Plan and the development of numerous site specific ones under this.

At York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust the introduction of a car club for business trips resulted in significant annual savings through lower transport costs has enabled the Trust to manage health and safety more effectively. The Trust no longer has to be responsible for employee’s cars being road worthy as the car club owner takes over that responsibility.

In addition, the vehicles’ presence on-site has reduced the need for Trust employees to drive to work and enabled them to take public transport instead, cutting traffic and commuter mileage. Through the provision of a car club they can travel by a non-car mode and then use the car club car during the day.

The development of a well thought through Travel Plan, detailed traffic flow analysis coupled with innovative car usage can significantly reduce the demand imposed by staff on on-site parking and reducing overall congestion within the site.


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