Allan Jackson

Healthcare Manager

Power Controls Ltd


Allan Jackson is a seasoned healthcare manager with over 15 years of experience in both the National Health Service (NHS) and private healthcare sectors. He currently serves as a Healthcare Manager at Power Control, a leading provider of medical equipment and services.

Allan’s journey in the healthcare industry began as an Engineer commissioning medical equipment, where he quickly established a reputation for his technical expertise and dedication to ensuring the smooth operation of critical medical devices. Over the years, he transitioned into engineering sales, leveraging his hands-on experience to effectively communicate the value and functionality of various healthcare solutions to clients.

With a deep understanding of both the technical and operational aspects of healthcare equipment, Allan has continuously progressed his career within the industry. His wealth of experience allows him to navigate complex challenges and provide innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of healthcare organisations.

In his current role at Power Control, Allan plays a pivotal role in driving strategic initiatives and overseeing the delivery of high-quality healthcare solutions to clients. He is known for his strong personable skills, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence.

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