Andrew Carnegie

Managing Director

Air Sentry Limited


Andrew started work as an electrical apprentice in 1979. He then trained in Audiology at QAH Portsmouth before entering the RAMC working in physiological measurements. He left the army to run the audiology service at Great Ormond Street in 1988 before entering commerce with a focus on life support equipment. Today he serves as the managing director of Air Sentry. He was previously the Managing Director of Kreuzer UK, subsequently Trumpf Medical and was a driving force behind the overhead service delivery market during the 1990’s. In 2000, having realised that hospital air might be mitigating risk as was perceived, he innovated the first clinical air purification system. It took several years to get a system into use and he has worked around ventilation and airborne disease for 24 years. A company associate of IHEEM, he was pleased to contribute to the HEPA guidance from NHS England in 2023

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