Connor Ellis

Conor is the Head of Health of RLB , leading major health and social care assignments including the NHSI Spring 2020 HIP review.Conor has both NHS experience in healthcare delivery alongside 20 years consultancy on projects all over the Uk and abroad. He has worked on more than 140 projects with a capital value of more than £13 billion worldwide including major UK projects like UCLH, Manchester Hospitals, Newcastle Hospitals community and Mental health and major projects in 21 countries worldwide. Recent schemes include several successful funding bids from Swindon, Portsmouth, and new major projects in London, Manchester & Birmingham. He is a DQI facilitator.

Additionally Conor is also one of the approved Construction Industry facilitators for healthcare (DQI) reviewing practice and stage reviews. He is a member of the Association for Project Management, a member of Institute of Healthcare Managers and has a Master of Business Administration. He has been part of several national groups including NHS KPIS the Lord Carter estate group and the current DH group looking at Health standardisation. He has written more than 45 articles on healthcare and carried out conference talks in several countries.