Daryia Palityka

PhD Candidate



Daryia is a PhD student at the Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction. Her research focuses on the influence of art and aesthetic elements in healthcare facilities on patients’ health and well-being. Before moving to the UK, Daryia pursued a degree in medicine in Belarus while participating in three research projects on paediatric surgery, ophthalmology, and public health. She has also gained international experience by presenting at conferences in Europe as well as undertaking an internship at a German clinic. In 2020–2021, Daryia spent a year at the University of Eastern Finland researching the use of machine learning tools in retinal disease diagnostics. In 2022, she graduated with distinction from UCL with a master’s degree in Healthcare Facilities. Currently, alongside her PhD studies, Daryia works as a teaching assistant at UCL and actively engages in initiatives aimed at fostering the transmission of research knowledge.

Co-author: Dr Evangelia Chrysikou RIBA is an Associate Professor at The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction UCL, Director of the MSc Healthcare Facilities, and medical architect. She is Vice-President of the Urban Health Section (EUPHA) and a member of the Board of the National Authority of Accessibility for Greece.

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