Dirk Joubert

Consultant Hospitals and Health Projects , Healthcare New Developments


“I am a healthcare professional with a passion for hospitals and care institutions. I am interested in the optimal functioning of a hospital and all factors that influences the functioning in a way that promotes quality of care, is sustainable and provides a better healthcare in future for all stakeholders in a hospital.

Healthcare is the red line in my career,  working as a doctor in the public and private sector,  marketing manager in the medical equipment industry and as consultant in a hospital project organisation and an engineering company. My work included clinical work, field work and relationship building to define projects and the impact of their relevant healthcare needs. As business developer, (project) manager and consultant I explore new markets and solutions, help to optimize factors within health projects e.g. planning and processes of a hospital to offer a practical, sustainable and effective solution.

 This only leaves the question how healthcare will look like in future, with changes in Procedures, Buildings and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) provision impacting the quality of care and service provision. Currently I am an independent consultant working on healthcare projects in the Europe, the Middle East and Africa.”


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