John Huddy

President and Senior Healthcare Consultant, Huddy HealthCare Solutions


Jon Huddy is President of Huddy HealthCare Solutions, LLC, a healthcare analytics and planning consulting firm that teams with healthcare organisations and design firms around the world to provide high-performance solutions.  Since earning a Master of Architecture in Health Facility Planning and Design, Mr. Huddy has spent the last 30 years focused on hospital master planning and Emergency Department (ED) consulting and design.  He leads a specialised healthcare consulting team that has been involved with over 350 organisations across Eastern and Western Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East and Australia.  Projects have included strategic planning, data analytics, utilisation projections, process improvement, computer simulation, and architectural planning.  He is the author of two editions (2002, 2016) of Emergency Department Design: A Practical Guide to Planning for the Future published by the American College of Emergency Physicians.  He has also authored numerous articles and spoken to many international audiences on a wide variety of topics regarding healthcare facility strategies, lean operations, planning and design.


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