Mark Richards



Mark Richards is a Chartered Electrical Engineer, Fellow of IHEEM and a Certified Member

of the Association of Project Safety. Mark chairs the IHEEM’s Membership and Registration

Committee and the Electrical AE Registration Board.

Mark draws on his extensive experience in construction and engineering, supporting a wide

range of clients in the Healthcare, manufacturing, industrial / commercial property

management and electrical service sectors, as an independent Authorising Engineer and

Principal Designer under CDM 2015.

Mark commenced his career with the Central Electricity Generating Board in the late

seventies. Joining a local authority in the early eighties as an electrical design engineer,

implementing engineering designs on a variety of commercial and local authority buildings.

Director of Health Engineering Services FM Ltd, a company formed in 2014 by Mark

following redundancy providing, Authorising Engineer support for Electrical systems and lifts, and strategic support, authoring policies and procedures for NHS clients and commercial companies and contractors.

Mark has been involved with the Department of Health’s working groups on the revision to

HTM 06-01, and more recently HTM 06-02 and 03 and represents IHEEM on BSI JPEL/64’B’.

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