Prof. John Chudley


Engineering Council UK


Professor John Chudley began honing his skills as a Mechanical Engineering apprentice before progressing to higher education. At present he is Rector of MLA College, a private higher education provider with a vision to deliver education beyond borders. He has held various positions in academia; including Provost, Executive Dean and Director of Research and Innovation.

John has also been employed with the Civil Service, positions include being a Director of the Learning and Skills Council and the National Apprenticeship Service. Having experience and a strong belief in the benefits and opportunities vocational education brings to young people he was passionate in his role and was instrumental in the development of Higher/Degree Apprenticeships.  He has also acted as a Director and Board Member to a number of companies and organisations and is a Vice-President of the RNLI. He is Chair of the Engineering Council; as the regulatory body for the UK engineering profession, the Engineering Council sets and maintains internationally recognised standards of professional competence and commitment.

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