Prof Terry Young

Professor of Healthcare Systems, Cumberland Initiative


Terry Young joined Brunel University as Professor of Healthcare Systems in 2001 after 16½ years in industrial research and technology.  Since then he has specialised in leading large, cross-disciplinary, multi-university projects addressing value in care delivery. His research interests are the organisation and delivery of care, at all levels, from the role and value of technology to modelling, simulations and business models of new services and structures. Terry is also a leader of the Cumberland Initiative; a unique collaboration between health, industry and academe, committed to building a national centre in services and systems excellence.

His grants include  the MATCH portfolio from 2003 to 2013 (GR/S29874, EP/C513045, EP/F063822, and EP/G012393), and RIGHT (EP/E019900, 2007-9).  His total income generation since 2003, overwhelmingly as PI, exceeds £15M.


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