Rachael Byrne

Executive Director, Housing Learning and Improvement Network


Rachael is Executive Director for New Models of Care. She brings over 30 years of extensive knowledge and a wealth of experience and expertise in supported housing to this role to develop integrated housing and health services that ensure Home Group can support and house vulnerable people for the long term.

Over the last 12 months her primary focus has been the future of supported housing through the development of a portfolio of care models focused on the integration of health, housing and care. This has included commissioning step down supported housing services offering specialist on site support facilitating early hospital discharge and reducing hospital readmissions.

Prior to joining Home Group in 2009, Rachael worked for a range of providers including local authorities (1988-1994), NACRO (1994-1998), and was Director of Supported Housing at Riverside ECHG (1998-2009).

Rachael is a board member for both the Abbeyfield Society and the membership body CLINKS for all third sector organisations involved in criminal justice. She is also an editorial advisor to Inside Housing.


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