Speaker Group: Software & Smart Hospitals 2024.

David Evans

David Evans has been at Schneider for over 8 years, using his extensive experience to lead Schneider’s global team of sales leaders and solution architects to leverage the power of IoT to enhance performance of the public estates. David’s work is at the forefront of the transition towards all-electric all-digital public sector estates, driving efficiencies… Read more »

Brett Smith

Let’s face it, healthcare is arguably one of the most complex markets with unique challenges and pressures. However, that makes it very satisfying and rewarding to work with exceptional customers and partners to find technological solutions to solve present and future challenges. Brett brings a depth of experience working within large corporations at the forefront… Read more »

Andrea Harman

Andrea Harman is the UK concept developer for healthcare for Saint -Gobain Ecophon. She has worked in the realm of room acoustics for over 25 years, and is active in developing links between the sound environment and health and well-being. With a MSc. in the study of dementia and contributions to design standards around neurodiversity… Read more »

Chris Needham

As the Lead Solutions Architect for Schneider Electric’s UK&I public sector and healthcare market, Chris Needham leverages over three decades of industry experience, including ten years with the company and previous experience as an NHS Director of Estates.

Steven Hipwell

Technologist working with clinical, estates and facilities and digital colleagues and commercial and academic partners to deploy digital in useful ways to improve patient and staff experiences.

Andrea Harman

Andrea Harman is better know to Healthcare estates as the UK concept developer for healthcare for Saint-Gobain Ecophon; however she has also lived with Type 1 diabetes for over 50 years; from the time when syringes were reused and boiled to sterilise and glucose was monitored with dip sticks to today’s use of insulin pumps… Read more »

Derek Smith

Derek Smith is a highly experienced and skilled Business Development professional. His 25+ years of experience in the construction and engineering sectors, with a focus on the Power Generation, Utilities, Oil & Gas around asset integrity management, gives him a deep understanding of the industry and the needs of its customers.

Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones has 30+ years of experience in the electrical industry, leveraging this experience to lead the UK&I Consultancy team. Kevin and his team have deep expertise in Power Engineering, Industrial Automation, BMS, Data centres, carbon reduction and sustainability.