Infection Control Theatre

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9 October

10.45 - 11.15 Managing microbiological testing - essentials & advancements

Outlining the importance of ensuring that microbiological test data is representative of the contamination within the system being tested. Detailing the importance of sampling procedures and factors that can affect the sample integrity; outlining new technologies that are improving testing regimes and the interpretation of water quality.


Ian Mein MSc, Medical Microbiology

12.15 - 12.45 A Cleaner Hospital A Cleaner Environment Significantly Affecting the Quality of the Patient’s Environment and Safety

The content will focus on Pharmafilter general capability.

The Pharmafilter system is an innovative waste and wastewater system designed specifically for healthcare. It is a total waste management solution which not only takes hospital waste at the source (wards, consulting and sluice rooms) including pharmaceuticals, swill, sewage, refuse, and healthcare risk waste, transporting them through existing wastewater pipework.

The installation eliminates the complexity involved in waste management, i.e., all the various bins and bags clogging our wards and clinical spaces, the load on porters transporting of waste containers, transport and waste administration, trucks and pollution.

Pharmafilter system also reduces cross-infection, mis-sorting, damage to our building and congestion, leaving clean drug free water a front line decontamination process within the challenge of dealing with antibiotic-resistant bacteria in wastewater. Within the context of lowering cross-infection contact moments concerning waste handling, bedpans and urinals we highlight the rationale of the Pharmafilter system and the use of single-use bioplastic personal care hygiene and service items disposed at ward level in our Tonto shredder and decontaminated within our onsite Pharmafilter system. We will demonstrate the operational and hygienic value of the Tonto shredder versus bedpan washers and macerators.



14.00 - 14.30 The importance of healthy drainage in hospitals


  • The importance of healthy drainage in hospitals
  • Problems that result from poor drainage systems
  • Superbug awareness in plumbing


Meg Stone, Managing Director (Dyteqta) Charles Hartley, Chief Engineer (Dyteqta)  

15.00 - 15.30 Overview of Design for Water Treatment for Decontamination Units

The presentation is a CPD accredited presentation and is brief/basic overview (over 20 minutes with 10 minutes Q&A) presentation covering the very basic understanding of water treatment requirements for decontamination, it is designed to :

  • Develop an appreciation of the Water Requirements in relation to HTM 0101 & 0106
  • An Introduction to basic water chemistry and water impurities
  • Overview of HTM Design Requirement
  • Provide an overview of types of water treatment solutions


  • Have an appreciation of what Reverse Osmosis Water is
  • Understand the Water Requirements for HTM 0101 & 0106 for decontamination design
  • Differentiate between RO and Chemical induced Water systems
  • Have an appreciation of water impurities are in relation top HTM 0101 & 0106


Lorraine Gledhill, Veolia Healthcare Division, Veolia Water Technologies  

10 October

09.00 - 10.00 Water & Infection Control Networking Breakfast

Armitage Shanks are delighted to sponsor the ‘Water & Infection Control Networking Breakfast’ on stand E49.

Come and have breakfast on us and receive a free copy of our Looking Deeper journal – the latest current thinking on water safety

10.15 - 10.45 RisyCor Continuous Corrosion Monitors - Smart System Technology in predicting failure

The Internet of Things is certainly delivering better outcomes in many spheres of operation nowadays. Transparency and collaboration to improve healthcare outcomes is extremely relevant in light of the May 2016 NHS EFA2016:001 which warns all estates to the issues surrounding Carbon steel press fit pipes for water heating systems: rapid corrosion and failure.

We’ll introduce our innovative system which with BMS & Cloud connectivity provides constant monitoring of uniform corrosion in your Htg & Clg systems.

Come along at get #Risycord.


Gordon Pringle Managing Director of HASL UK & Ireland Distributors for RESUS

10.45 - Presentation



11.45 Infection Control Within Theaters


Anders Tehn, Advanced Hospital Solutions