Humidity Matters Ltd

Stand: B44

Telephone: +44(0)23 80443127
Address: PO Box 1883, Southampton, Hampshire, SO18 9PH, United Kingdom

Company Profile

Humidity Matters Ltd is an Independent Supplier of one of the largest selections of Humidification equipment and steam bath generators including Isothermal and Adiabatic / Evaporative humidifiers and water treatment.
Properly controlled humidification enhances occupant health and comfort, improves manufacturing processes, and helps preserve building materials and furnishings. In short, any building housing people or things will benefit from proper humidification, and the cost to add humidification is easily offset by gains in processes, productivity, life of materials, and occupant wellbeing. A Planned maintenance, service or commissioning agreement of your humidifier will guarantee the efficiency of your humidifier and humidity range.
At Humidity Matters Ltd and through our businesses including DSH, we create innovative Humidification solutions for buildings and building owners that challenge what’s possible for a sustainable world. We are a company that constantly looks outside of the box to offer the best possible solution to our customer needs.

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