Spirax Sarco

Stand: B17
Category: Energy Efficiency & Management, Engineering Services, Estates Development, HVAC, Renewable Energy, Sustainability & Utility Management, Training

Telephone: 01242 521361
Email: hello@uk.spiraxsarco.com
Website: https://www.spiraxsarco.com/global/en-GB

Company Profile

As a renowned leader in steam systems, Spirax Sarco firmly believe that sustainable steam generation is critical to achieving decarbonisation.

Healthcare facilities face a pressing need to achieve sustainability goals and reduce carbon footprint. Harnessing our expertise through our “Advance Steam Consulting” framework, Spirax Sarco is uniquely positioned to support you on your path to a greener future.

Our expertise allow us to optimise thermal energy supply and demand, helping healthcare facilities cut operational costs and improve overall energy efficiency. By leveraging our solutions, your facility can optimise the use of public funds while reducing environmental impact.


Advance Steam Consulting


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