Digital Technology for Interior Fit-out of Healthcare Estates

Time: 11:00 am - 11:25 am

Theatre: CENTRAL 3 & 4

Virtual Reality (VR)
– Transparency of final outcomes is enhanced through the development of VR in construction. Estates are able to walk around and explore their finished space before a single piece of material is cut.
– Clients, designers and stakeholders can collaboratively make real-time adjustments to a design in a virtual world, visible on a smart phone, tablet, laptop or VR headset.
Circular Economy and Sustainability
– Transparency of the final result at the front end means little to no changes are made once the materials arrive on site, reducing waste and speeding up construction
– An automated digital system minimises the potential for human error leading to reduction of waste and re-ordering of materials, as well as overall project time
– Creating a digital file allows for re-use and reconfiguration of the materials in the future, detailing which elements are available for re-use and which, if any, to buy new.


  • Ian Strangward Managing Director - Architectural Wallsz (International) ltd

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