IHEEM Decontamination Technical Platform Update

Time: 11:25 am - 11:50 am

Date: 20241009pm

Theatre: CENTRAL 7

The presentation is about an update on the work carried out by the Decontamination Technical Platform and AE(D) Registration Board.

Many technical topics have arisen in recent times and the two groups are working on various subjects, some that will require long term planning and trials. Others could be short term guidance papers for IHEEM members, but especially the registered AE(D)s.

This work includes a paper on the best tips of decontamination of dental phaco hand pieces which should be available very soon. We are also working with QUIQSolutions on digitizing our AE(D) endoscopy audit tool, and the development of new pre-audit systems that will enable better informed audits and assist the users in collecting the correct evidence. We are also investigating the specialist Pharma world, again on testing and competence levels to assist people working in that industry.

We are also looking at AP(D) and CP(D) competence levels and personal logbooks for inspection to ensure correctly educated and trained people work on the hospital equipment.

There will be a section on the continued AE(D) Framework in partnership with EWP and speak about our latest position.


  • Graham Stanton Member - IHEEM Decontamination Technical Platform & Chair BoR(AE)(D)

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