Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to Create Single Rooms Within Existing Healthcare Estates

Time: 2:30 pm - 2:55 pm

Date: 11 October 2023 PM

Theatre: CENTRAL 5 & 6

1. Reduction of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs)
a. NHS Medical Director Stephen Powis: ‘single rooms should be the ‘default’ as they boost privacy and infection control.’
b. ‘minimum of 50% single rooms when investing in new or refurbished hospitals’ to be considered
2. Prefabricated interior partitioning designed to refurbish existing facilities
a. flexible, adaptable and future-proof interiors are necessary for future operation of healthcare estates
b. Durable, seamless and anti-microbial materials ease operation and maintenance processes
c. Imbedding assets inside walls reduces clutter and promotes infection prevention, eliminating gaps from face-mounted solutions
3. Compliance
a. Prefabricated interiors must satisfy HTMs and HBNs
b. Refurbishments must adhere to building regulations on fire and health and safety
c. High levels of acoustic performance should be considered for patient privacy and well-being
4. Bed Blocking
a. MMC should be considered for construction efficiency. Bed spaces are inoperative during a project; quick, efficient construction reduces bed blocking
b. Once installed, ward-closures for maintenance and refurbishments should be minimal. Materials used must be flexible, easy to maintain, repair and reconfigure, improving overall life-span
5. Patient Privacy and Well-being
a. Single rooms must be built with high acoustic performance to promote privacy and confidentiality
b. Patients should be able to opt in and out of visibility of and by others in the bay
c. Well-being is improved through interaction and distraction eg:
i. Integrated monitors and televisions
ii. Writable surfaces
iii. Graphics and natural imagery
iv. Visibility of staff and other patients to reduce feelings of isolation
v. Biophilic design
6. Sustainability
a. Prefabricated, modular wall systems prevent materials going to landfill
b. Re-use and reconfiguration accommodates technological advancements over time
c. Low emitting solutions meet green building goals and certifications
d. Precise design and off-site manufacturing reduces off-cuts and waste on site

NOTE: This presentation will be delivered as a CPD for learning and not promote any specific products or systems



  • Ian Strangward Managing Director - Architectural Wallsz (International) ltd

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