Professor Sergio Cavalaro

Associate Dean for Research and Innovation (Loughborough University), in representation of the AIP

Loughborough University and Academia-Industry Partnership (AIP)


Sergio Cavalaro is a Professor of Infrastructure Systems and Associate Dean at Loughborough University. He has established and led centres of excellence and large multi-stakeholder collaborations for research and innovation on delivery, repair and maintenance of assets in the built environment. He leads the skills and talent agenda for UKCRIC (UK Collaboratorium  for Research in Infrastructure and Cities), including 15 of the top higher education institutions in this area. Sergio also leads C-DICE (Centre for Postdoctoral Talent in Infrastructure, Cities and Energy), the largest UK project developing postdoctoral talent to contribute to our net-zero aspirations. He is one of the leaders of the research project on RAAC for the NHS and currently advises different UK departments, central government and professional bodies on the challenges facing the UK in this space. Sergio champions the AIP, a multi-stakeholder initiative supporting the NHS’s transformation via agile action research and innovation projects linking digital, asset and clinical.


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