ProCure 23 Innovative Toolkit Driving Modern Methods of Construction

Time: 11:00 am - 11:25 am

Theatre: CENTRAL 3 & 4

The new MMC toolkit is aligned to the Government MMC framework and has taken this to the next level. The MMC toolkit works alongside the social value charter and with the NHS Net Zero Carbon Building Standard tool aiding Trusts in their thinking and approach. Aides discussion and thinking between Stakeholders and Contractors in the consideration of the opportunities, benefits and desired outcomes in development work across all typologies of buildings. It incorporates a very useful executive summary capturing the proposal complete with ‘RAG – STOP/Re-Think/GO’.

The Construction Playbook includes a separate section on MMC in which it states:
It is important to stress that MMC is not an end in itself and contracting authorities should consider whether, how and to what extent the use of MMC can drive wider value and achieve the project or programme outcomes. The goal is improving outcomes, such as increasing productivity and efficiency in infrastructure projects, and creating wider social value by using platform approaches and MMC where appropriate. MMC may not always provide the best result. Still keeping the overall MMC principle requirement just aligning it with wider governmental advice about choosing the right MMC solutions, balancing it with other drivers and ensuring that all forms of MMC (not just offsite) are considered.

The assessment toolkit has been developed to support clients, design teams, Contractors and Supply chains in responding to the NHSE MMC business case requirements, setting outcome objectives, quantifiable targets and evidence of compliance by enabling them to be embed through the decision making, design procurement, construction & operational phase.

MMC toolkit drives value through a consistent approach in MMC collating data from business case submissions and with regular review by the P23 working group to be agile in updates, responding to informed data & industry changes. The metrics supported and reviewed by a number of cross government programmes.

The toolkit is being adopted in P23, NHP and Wider Government bodies.

Feedback following recent introduction of the toolkit:

NHP consultant – Kevin Masters – KPMG Technical Director – Major Projects Advisory:
‘I think the model is absolutely right – I like to think of it as a process/product sandwich. We tend to focus on the filling and forget the bread!
Great work – really stimulates a great discussion, one that is desperately needed’

‘I just wanted to let you know what an exceptional piece of work I think this is’.

Scott Tacchi, Head of MMC , Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd:
‘My previous role was running the DfE’s £3bn off site framework, we required PMV calcs to pass business case, this is much more comprehensive than I asked for, much much better’.

‘Most don’t understand PMV, 99% are reporting it incorrectly, this will hopefully set a benchmark across public (and private) sectors’.


  • Colin Hamilton Sector Director, Health - ISG
  • Andrew Rolf Technical Advisory Lead - Mott MacDonald
  • Helen Sturdy Head of P23 Procurement Framework & Construction Lead - NHSE

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